Growing Baby Girl | Second Trimester Recap

Recapping the Second Trimester of Baby Hams
Weeks 14 - 27 {April 15 - July 21}
:Due Date:
October 14, 2018

*April 15: started feeling small baby movements @ 15 weeks
*May 1: 16 week Dr. visit with a great interactive ultrasound and a gender sneak peek (it's a girl!) also Matt's first appointment to attend
*May 26: felt the baby's 1st big kick @ 19 weeks
*May 29: 20 week Dr. visit with anatomy ultrasound - everything looks good!
*May 31: Matt felt baby move for the first time @ 20 weeks
*June 16: finished setting up baby's room @ 22 weeks - now on to the rest of the summer to-do list...
*June 29: 24 week Dr. visit with diabetes test, no diabetes but I do have a little anemia so I'm on an iron supplement for a while
*July 20: baby movements are visible from the outside @ 26 weeks

Nothing major, luckily the insomnia/interrupted sleep I'd had since February decreased around 20 weeks and my belly really started to grow around 21-22 weeks too.

I had also had some swelling for the first time when at a work conference in June, but luckily that hasn't returned nearly as bad now that I'm doing a better job of watching my salt intake and not spending as much time in the heat.

I was more tired in the 2nd trimester than the first, but when I found out I had a little anemia that all made sense. My regular energy levels (which are still pretty chill) returned around 25 weeks. That all corresponded well with the usual full summer lazy mode of summer break. Guess there's no 2nd trimester energy burst for me!

No real cravings or aversions except a new interest in applesauce and a daily popsicle habit. I have had zero interest in cooking all summer, and am happy with cereal or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for most meals. Still no interest in hot tea or drinks, and I'm only having 1 cup of coffee. Hope that habit comes back through!

No more visits to the gym but I'm swimming (floating) as much as I can, plus walking, yoga, and stretching at home. 

:Maternity Clothes:
I'm usually in shorts, pajamas, or a swimsuit these days. I started wearing mostly maternity pants around week 17. Even at 26 weeks, I'm wearing half maternity shirts and half of my regular tops, but that's mostly because I like the loose look. Shoes have been the biggest change, no more thin sandals if I'm out and about or my feet really feel it.

:Looking Forward To:
Out big friends and family baby shower in August and taking baby care and childbirth classes at the hospital soon.

:Around the House:
Baby's room and playroom are ready to go. Matt painted while I was away at a teacher conference and assembled all the new furniture. My parents generously bought us a crib/crib mattress, new rugs, and small sleeper loveseat for her room. We found a vintage buffet to use as a dresser while antiquing in Sherman. We are also using a special rocking chair my sister shared (also used by my parents, my grandmother, and her parents).

:Favorite Part of the Trimester:
Feeling baby move - she can be really active and I didn't expect it to be such a distraction. It is nice to know she's having fun in there!

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