2018: May / June

May Adventures:
  • Celebrated Grandma Evelyn's 90th birthday with a big family getaway in Fredericksburg
  • Matt finished year 5 at Grayson College and we hosted his work team for a cookout to kickoff their summer 
  • I volunteered at the Chamberlain Youth Ballet with Junior League, finished book club for now, and wrapped up the year on the Done in a Day Committee
  • Enjoyed the new Han Solo movie, went to Bike the Bricks with the Motts, and enjoyed cookouts with my Smith cousins and Gages
  • Went together to the 16 week and 20 week OB appointments for baby hams with fun ultrasounds at both visits
  • Matt got (real) busy on his summer to-do list: cleaned out the garage, replaced the den and office fans, cleaned out the garage, repaired the ice maker and a toilet, had the grout around the pool replaced (planned), replaced our dishwasher (unplanned), and oversaw installation of a new AC unit for upstairs (unplanned) - cha, ching!

June Adventures:
  • Swimming hangouts with the Sielings, Gages, and hosted a big Tech friend swim cookout (so many kids in the pool!)
  • Enjoyed a fun weekend getaway to Lake Texoma with the Motts+Sielings
  • Wrapped up year 4 at McClure with a interactive ipad talent show performance, a week at the Solution Tree Conference in Fort Worth with colleagues, and a week of teaching summer school camp for gifted students (movie making and paper crafts/challenges) - it was the summer that never started, official last day June 27th!
  • Started a new Junior League year (I'm back on the Done in a Day committee, yay!)
  • Got the house ready for baby hams: took the guest room furniture to my parents house, turned the old guest room into Matt's office, painted the old office white and added a crib, rug, dresser, etc. (thanks Mom and Dad!), we also deep cleaned the kitchen and all closets and drawers