Our Next Adventure | First Trimester Recap

The Hamilton house is growing! After 12 years of DINK life we're on to the next adventure and adding a new friend to the A + M mix around October 14th. 
Recapping the First Trimester of Baby Hams
Weeks 1 - 13 {January 7 - April 14}

:Due Date:
October 14, 2018

*February 3: Positive pregnancy test early Saturday morning followed by 2 hours of yard work by Matt (had to start getting the house ready for baby!) and a celebratory lunch at Harvest downtown
*March 3: First Dr. visit at 8 weeks and first ultrasound, baby's heartbeat was 180
*April 3: 12 week Dr. visit and another ultrasound, bloodwork, exam, etc. (Dr. also had to leave for an hour in the middle of my appointment to deliver a baby!)

A few headaches, and lots of interrupted sleep. I've woken up almost every night since becoming pregnant and am typically wide awake and not tired at all. This used to happen once a month or so and I always enjoyed it as my secret "midnight reading time" but it's not quite as now that I'm up for 1-3 hours a night. Guess I'm getting ready early for when baby arrives.

Other than that, nothing too major (for which I am thankful!) just a few aches and cramps, and needing to drink water more than ever. My coffee habit quickly became one cup a day too since anything more made my heart race. I was also super tried on our Santa Fe trip, but a lot of that had to do with 7,000 ft elevation + pregnancy.

No real cravings except chocolate milk and lots of water.
No aversions except hot drinks - coffee is down to one cup or less (and out of necessity, not enjoyment) and I totally lost interest in my favorite morning/evening tea habit. Also not a fan of long hot showers anymore - that's a big surprise!

Been going to the gym a few times a week, mostly for Zumba or to ride a bike. I've had to skip yoga a few times when I felt a little queasy.

:Maternity Clothes:

:Looking Forward To:
Just meeting our new buddy and making the most of our last summer as a couple.

:Around the House:
Nothing yet, we'll take care of all that over summer break. Lots of mental planning in the works though.

:Favorite Part of the Trimester:
Telling a few friends - Megan's excited reaction has been the best so far!

Last Weekend Before the Baby News / Matt's Birthday
{Also what I looked like until week 16 or so}
Tired (with a Navajo Taco-mmm) in New Mexico @ 9 Weeks
Last Day of the 1st Trimester @ Arts in Bloom