2018: Mar / April

March Adventures:
  • Bought a new truck - Matt is now driving the classic Texas ride, a white Ford F150. The time had come to say goodbye to our much loved 4runner after 220,000 miles of adventures. 
  • 1st Dr.'s appointment for Baby Hamilton - all is well
  • Getaway to Santa Fe for a spring break road trip  plus time around the house and working in the yard and prepping for spring. Love spring break!
  • St. Patty's dinner with the Grayson College crew, cooking out with the Motts, Frisco Arts in the Square, and other fun with friends.

April Adventures:
  • Matt planned and enjoyed a big WWI history event at Grayson College, he also interviewed for 2 jobs at Collin College, but it looks like he will be staying put at Grayson instead, which is fine too
  • Celebrated Betsy's 65th birthday at her favorite spot - the OG Olive Garden
  • Day of festivals with the Miles crew - Arts in Bloom+Celina Crawfish Festival, plus another Arts in Bloom visit with the Seilings+Motts
  • Started the 2nd trimester of pregnancy and shared with news with remaining family, friends, and coworkers, and enjoyed a day with my mom doing some preliminary baby shopping research {1st Trimester in Review}
  • Enjoyed a ladies night dinner with Shannon, Megan, and Jennifer and fun with friends at League Book Club for The Girl Before, such a fun group, happy to be back after taking a few months off for conflicts and early bedtimes