2018: Jan / Feb

Here we go recapping 2018...

January Adventures:
  • Started our oyster challenge at Hook Line in Plano
  • Headed to Houston for my last 2X2 book committee discussion and fun with the Abbott crew
  • Checked out the Shen Yun ballet with my mom and sister while Matt headed out for a guys weekend in Graham with Kirk and Andy to drive tractors and shoot guns
  • Junior League Book Club fun - read Wonder and met up for movie night plus girl scout cookie/wine night for Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  • Celebrated Matt's birthday at the Ford Center in Frisco - brunch at Neighborhood Services and a little wardrobe update from Banana Republic with my parents
  • Plus, the usual January Back-to-school busy season, especially for Matt since the spring is whole new crew of kids and classes

February Adventures:
  • Found out baby Hamilton is on the way (coming October 2018) - big news there!
  • Fun with friends - headed to a Superbowl party with the Archigas and Sielings and a nice dinner date with the Sielings at Victor's in Coppell
  • Lots of Junior League fun, attended a great lecture on diversity and inclusion and got to help plan and present a Make-a-Wish reveal for a family heading to Hawaii!
  • Enjoyed with the winter olympics, kicked off with a Korean dinner for the opening ceremonies