Jan/Feb 2017

Keeping track of 2017...

January Adventures-

A quick visit to Austin for the 2X2 book review committee - I'm so lucky to help pick the best books in Texas again. The committee met for 2 days to narrow down our top 75 picks to the final 20 for the 2017 reading list. I am serving as the list administrator (publisher/paperwork person) until 2019, but because of an absence, I stepped in as a voting member for the 2017 list too. So much fun!

Celebrating Matt's birthday

Added a new couch to our den - we finally found something that would fit down the hall and into our den to replaced our original couch from 2006, Duncan misses the old one - ha!

Plus back to school busyness and a good start to our weekly dinner date night resolution

February Adventures-

Another Austin visit for me for the TCEA convention with work. I traveled with 3 other teachers from my school and we learned a ton and had lots of fun. This isn't usually my favorite conference (way too crowded) but being in a group I definitely did things I wouldn't have on my own (breakout bus, way more time in the exhibit hall, piano bar on a Wednesday), and with our different tech interests I think we all took more away too.

Saying goodbye to Grandma Anita

Attending a Plano city council meeting and McKinney ISD school board meeting with my Junior League Go Govern class - super interesting with the insights we're getting from member Florence Shapiro

Plus fun with friends for the super bowl, dog parades, cheese plate skills, and more dinner dates (I'm working on perfecting my shrimp+grits skills this spring)

Ream of paper or Matt's dissertation? Both!
And around the house....
Not too much - new den couch, new art for the bedroom (Matt has a vision for gold-framed vintage landscapes) and antiquing just for fun