July 31, 2016

Colorado Parks Vacation

We spent 10 days in Colorado this summer and finally found our way to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was crazy crowded (including an hour-long elk-related traffic jam on the park road at 10,000 ft) but totally beautiful too. 2,500 miles of fun and podcasts.

Highlights include:

  • Pretty west Texas driving, New Mexico skies, and finally stopping at Capulin Volcano National Monument
  • Exploring Trinidad, meeting up with Joe in Denver, scenic drives around Rocky Mountain National Park, and cute Grand Lake
  • Relaxing in Gunnison, hiking at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park - and park brochure 60!
  • Fun and fishing with Mike+Cheri at their family cabin in Creede
  • Plus, general relaxing, scenic beauty, Colorado beer, glaciers, and animal spotting - elk, deer, chipmunks galore, and a moose

Hiking at RMNP-
Alberta Falls 1.7 miles
Lake Haiyaha 3.7 miles
Nymph Lake 1 mile
Bear Lake .7 mile
Hiking at the Black Canyon-easy but dizzying!
Warner Point 1.6 miles
Chasm View .5 miles
Mile 1,000 in RMNP \ Mile 2,000 in Texas

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