Rainy Houston Visit

Pictures from my quick trip to Houston in April for the Texas Library Association Conference....

Lots of books+authors at the convention center #txla16
I was there specifically to help with two presentations, the 2016 2x2 Reading List Showcase and a panel discussion on working as a campus tech integrator and librarian, both of which were great and highly attended (making my rainy drive worth the trip) yay!
Thursday night meet-up with Magie for dinner at Hearsay Gastro Lounge, where the cool kids go.
I also stayed on for a bonus Friday night in Spring with the Abbotts too. Quote of the day, "Can we go to the mall and look at the mannequins?" Fun stuff! And sorry about your flood damage, can't wait to see your new kitchen.
Can't forget the Buc-ee stop, coffee+hippo burritos for the win!