Adventures this month:
  • Celebrated our 10th anniversary with a little getaway to Denton.
  • A haircut for me after growing it out for 3 years. I cut off 10 inches for Locks of Love for the 2nd time. It's probably my last time for a big chop too since I'm going to need to start dying my gray at some point soon.
  • New paint and bedding for the upstairs bedroom, prompted by a fun quick visit from M+J (Pub, church, Pantry)
  • Lunch lady duty at work for 1,000 for McClure's annual Thanksgiving lunch, I was the turkey girl this year. Tons of fun!
  • A little Thanksgiving getaway to Spring like last year with Jimmy's parents, Cindy+family, my parents, and Aunt Jenny+Audie. Turkey+cornhole+chimenea fires plus cookies and fun for Lydia's 2nd birthday too.
  • Plus, chili and a rainy "Home for the Holidays" on the McKinney square with Betsy, football watching with the Motts, a cowboy game for Matt, and lots of relaxing around the house over Thanksgiving break.
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