July 31, 2015


Adventures this month:
  • 4th of July fun grilling+swimming at home 
  • Daytrip to Austin for me for my first 2x2 committee meeting
  • Finished up our house painting project - yay!
  • Fun with the Motts+Sielings, Smoke, Magic Mike for the girls, Phish concert for the boys, and swimming x2
  • A visit to Allen's Nine Band Brewery, close and cute
  • Plus lots of Hulu, reading, gym time, and trips to Home Depot
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July 21, 2015

90 Year Makeover {Exterior Renovation Photos}

For it's 90th birthday we bought our house a new exterior. Check out some photos of the big reveal.
During 5 Weeks of Work
(also known as the bulk of my summer vacation)
{Sneak peek of the window weights}
Ready for weather, and looking cute!

Paint Colors:
Horizontal green siding - Sherwin Williams Retreat
Upstairs shingle siding - Behr Sporting Green
Window/wall trim - Sherwin Williams Dover White
Doors/windows - Sherwin Williams Red Barn
Porch floor - Behr Antique Tin

Painting our house had been on the list since move-in last year and I am happy to say it is D-O-N-E. Last year we replaced the rotted porch floor and trim with pressure treated slats, started some landscaping, had an enormous cottonwood tree removed that had branches hanging over the house.

Up next was "paint" but it was a little more complicated than that. There was a lot of rotted wood and damaged siding and windowsills from time and untreated drainage issues to repair, as well as dirty and damaged spots from where the previous owners let ivy grow on the house. We also wanted gutters added to prevent future water/foundation damage.

The specialty siding previously ordered was too hard to have custom made to replace damaged areas (about 15% of all siding needed to be repaired). So, "painting" turned into re-siding the lower level of the house and garage, adding new trim on corners, windows, and doors.

We also took this opportunity to go from 3 paint colors to 5. "For fun" we added cute new stand mailbox and new light fixtures for the front porch, back deck, and back door. All out outdoor lights now have light sensors too and come on automatically each night, fancy!

There was some drama (luckily not as much as when we moved in) that including Craiglist, lots of work that had to be done twice, and poor management that makes Matt especially frustrated. I'll sum it up by saying our first site manager was fired and everyone from the company we used says it's been a "real learning experience" - ugh. Never underestimate a 90-year-old house! What should have taken 2 weeks took 4, but it's over now and looks great. We should also be getting half off city tax with the historic preservation exemption for most of our time here, which takes a bit of the sting off too.

Left to do: Finish out the front landscaping, refinish the back deck next year and possibly replace it some day, a new roof far down the line if we live here that long.

July 2, 2015

Giving 35 Update

Getting close with the 35 + 35 + 35 challenge...

Giving 35 = 32/35
Donating time or money 35 times before my 35th birthday in September.
  1. 9/8/14 - $ for North Texas Giving Day
  2. 10/11/14 - $ to help send 5th graders to camp
  3. 10/16/14 - 2.5 hours for Get Out the Vote with Collin County League of Women Voters
  4. 10/18/14 - $ to neighborhood Boy Scouts 
  5. 10/26/14 - 3.5 hours on the cleanup crew for JLCC's American Girl Fashion Show
  6. 10/28/14 - 5 extra hours at work for book fair family night 
  7. 11/7/14 - 2 hours selling wristbands at the school carnival 
  8. 11/14/14 - $ for startup costs to the Grayson College GSA club Matt advises 
  9. 11/22/14 - food donations for local church door-to-door food drive 
  10. 12/2/14 - 3 hours Christmas caroling through the feeder neighborhoods for my school, so fun! 
  11. 12/7/14 - 3 hours running the tech for the Dad's Club Frozen movie night at school 
  12. 12/30/14 - $ to the Red Cross 
  13. 1/13/15 - 3 hours judging school science fair projects and volunteering at Math/Science Night 
  14. 1/20/15 - $ to Frisco Education Foundation for the Richard Dungan memorial scholarship 
  15. 1/24/15 - $ to JLCC's Trinkets to Treasures
  16. 2/2/15 - $ to McKinney Education Foundation 
  17. 2/13/15 - 2 hours volunteering at school for the PTO sock hop 
  18. 2/28/15 - $ to McKinney's Samaritan Inn
  19. 3/3/15 - 3 hours volunteering at school art show
  20. 3/28/15 - $ to MISD Special Olympics fundraiser
  21. 3/30/15 - $ to Junior League of Collin County annual campaign
  22. 4/2/15 - $ to Yellowstone National Park Foundation
  23. 4/7/15 - 1 hour at Spring Creek spirit night
  24. 4/10/15 - $ to Grayson College History Club
  25. 4/10/15 - $ to Sherman History Museum
  26. 4/27/15 - $ to Nepal earthquake relief
  27. 4/28/15 - 3 hours at school fitness night
  28. 5/5/15 - 3 hours preparing and presenting at Region 10 Tech Conference
  29. 5/7/15 - 2 hours helping with registration for new kindergarteners at school
  30. 5/13/15 - $ to Texas Library Association
  31. 5/29/15 - 4 hours at 5th grade promotion night
  32. 6/24/15 - 2 hours at MISD edtech conference

Urban Hiking = 15/35
Finding and hiking 35 miles of different in-town trails.

Wilderness Hiking = 11/35
Hiking 35 miles or more out-of-town.

Pool = 8/35
As of 7/2/15, yeah no swimming during rainy weeks or our outdoor housing renovation, gotta get on this one!