Adventures this month:
  • So much rain! This is the month it rained 17 inches, and the month we realized we really need gutters...
  • First visit to the new Tupps Brewery along with my parents, McKinney's new brewery is the place to be, live music, games, and food trucks - check it out ASAP.
  • Bike the Bricks on the square with friends and a little pre-party at our house
  • Matt wrapped up his semester early May and has been teaching an online May mini session, and started the summer break "finally finish the dissertation" push
  • A few new house things - ceiling fan upgrade for the bedroom, new lighting for the kitchen, and bookcases (finally) for Matt's office after braving Nebraska Furniture Mart on Memorial Day, we also wrapped up quotes for exterior work on the house - work will begin in the next month or so, rain and city cooperating.
  • A busy, busy month at work: I spent a day coaching PE, presented a session at the Region 10 Technology Conference, celebrated Children's Book Week, oversaw MAP testing, hosted our first Tournament of Books, helped run the hoopla with kindergarten and 5th grade graduations (and chaperoning the 5th grade dance), ran textbook inventory for the first time, and was in the thick of the usual business that is closing down the library for the summer - love my job though, and especially love having a full-time assistant, I could not do it without Sarah! Did I mention I joined the 2x2 committee again as their first list administrative assistant (starting light this summer with a bigger role in January), and am going to work on the nominating committee for TLA too. Did this really all happen just in May?
  • Other socials with friends - McKinney with the Motts, girls night with Megan, and fancy BBQ at Smoke with JLCC ladies, Louisiana St. Grill with the district library crew, and hitting the square regularly just us - despite the rain, we fit a lot of fun in this month.
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