2014 was a fast and fun year with lots of house stuff and our downtown challenge.

For 2015 I have 35 on the mind:
35 miles of trails + 35 days of swimming + giving 35 challenge
  • Use 35 miles of trails - Explore DFW's urban hiking scene by finding 35 different miles of local trails to hike/bike/walk by the end of the year (not including vacation hiking). Matt's in on this one too.
  • Swim 35 times - Now that I know how short the swim season is we need to get in more, plus I need to work on my sweet jumps. Maybe 35 times is too easy, we'll see...
  • Keep working on my Giving 35 challenge (12 down, 23 to go) by my birthday in September
Plus-keep taking a photo of the week, hopefully, go on an extra-long summer vacation, finish a few minor house projects (as it turns 90), and see Matt graduate this year. How lucky I am to enjoy such fun.

Happy New Year!