11 Months in 1925 {Inside House Pictures}

It's almost been a year in our new old house! We love our little arts & crafts cottage and while there is always more to do, it feels just right for now.

How things look now...
Master Bedroom = White paint coming soon
Around the House Updates {April-November}
-Rearranged bedroom furniture
-Rearranged/hung new living room art
-Started regular yard maintenance and bug-killing for roaches and ants
-Professional pool cleaning and filter grid replacement that should last 10-12 years (and a flooded yard thanks to a pool guy mistake, luckily no was harm done and we got a decent discount in return)
-Bought/assembled 2nd outdoor deck storage box
-Replaced tail of the pool cleaner
-Added a fern and basil to the last deck pots
-Weeded all beds and re-weeded the side yard for new ivy growth-hope that's not a theme this summer!

-Cleaned the spa, and figured out how to use it properly-woo hoo!
-Added 4 Mexican heathers to fence baskets and asparagus fern to last deck pot
-Bought new pot for a Katherine fern
-Re-weeded front and side beds for remaining ivy (4 bags and counting)
-Weeded/cleaned gravel area next to garage, removed twigs, briar/ivy, and weeds and started leveling gravel
-Planted two wax myrtles for privacy screen in side yard by the front metal fence
-Landscaping the last backyard area: added stone path and 23 liriope grasses bordering the bed and deck, a gardenia, white hydrangea, blue potato bush and 3 Japanese mockorange bushes to hide pool equipment, 35 bags of mulch, 19 new stones plus some already on the property
-Bought/assembled wrought iron patio table and 4 chairs
-Painted upstairs office walls Crisp Linen White, replaced orange-painted switches/outlets with new white ones
-Cleaned outside windows
-Had the indoors and outdoors professionally treated for insects
-Reorganized kitchen cabinets, pantry, and laundry closet
-Added a new outdoor bench made by my dad, moved old bench to the garage

-Bought a new cushion for our broken outdoor bench
-Fixed some pool algae issues
-Did more weeding and caring for our landscaping - the grass grows like crazy here with no watering (not sure if it's the shade, soil, or both) but we'll take it
-Mulched side bed by driveway and back door deck area
-Relocated the hydrangea to a shady corner and moved potato bush from planter to soil by holly bushes
-Bought/assembled two Adirondack chairs and ottomans

-Added plants to bed by the driveway - a gardenia, 4 Japanese aralia bushes, 6 variegated liriope and mulch
-Bought 2 tabletop tiki torches for mosquitos
-Bought/assembled patio bistro set
-Bought new bathroom towels and master bedroom pillows
-Updated empty front left bed - 4 Chinese fringe flower bushes, a Chinese privet bush, 10 aztec grass plants for border, fresh mulch, and moved stones for when it rains
-Updated front right bed/side - removed 3 overgrown privet bushes, pruned back large holly, removed overgrown grass (this phase took about 4 hours), then added 17 Aztec grass plants, 22 dwarf mondo grass plants, 3 large Chinese fringe bushes, 5 small Chinese fringe bushes, 4 bush germander shrubs, 1 large Japanese aralia bush, and lots of mulch (about 6 more hours) - this bed is actually the biggest one we’ve redone and kind of happened on a whim, we love how both the front beds all turned out with purple bushes and contrasting light and dark greens
-Added a toilet paper holder to the upstairs bathroom (since there wasn't one for some reason)
-Bought new master bath medicine cabinets, those will be going up soon when we paint the bathroom and bedroom

-Completed a minor pool skimmer repair - Matt has become quite the master mechanic updating this hard-working little machine one piece at a time
-Did a fairly easy, big impact, update to the master bathroom: primed and painted the walls granite gray (from faux wall treatment green), installed new rust-proof medicine cabinets, installed new light fixture, updated cream light switches to white, added decorative metal switch plate covers on all outlets, and installed new towel ring
-Changed/moved decorative switch plates in hall bath and kitchen
-Added an awesome new palm tree from Shannon+Andy, it will be moving from its pot to the ground before winter hits
-Kept most of the plants alive through the 100 degree days (I think we've lost 3 of 200+), trimmed growing bushes, killed off the remaining vestiges of ivy and weeds, and started raking leaves (too soon!)

-Bought/assembled a small composting bin behind the garage
-Replaced switches and sockets from cream to white downstairs
-Replanted sago palm from Shannon+Andy and converted old pot into hose holder
-Updated upstairs bathroom with new shower curtain, towel holder, and accessories for guests
-Uprooted and returned dead plants (4 germanders and 3 big holly bushes) to Lowe’s and Home Depot - boo for dead plants but yay for the one-year guarantee
-Replanted potted the hostas in containers to the side yard and added 2 petunias and 3 pansy pots for the winter
-Matt started raking and collecting fallen leaves, the bagged leaf count is up to 7 and it's barely begun

-Finally completed the professional porch repair - Carlos from Home Renovators pulled up the old porch (revealing a round concrete porch below), replaced the boards with properly pressure-treated slats, replaced the moldings, added new trim, created new lattice work under the porch, and painted everything - whew!
-New stained glass panels from the ORLY market - two for the den and one for our bedroom
-Bought one large and one medium square planter for the front porch

-Bought 2 more front porch planters and added plants - two fortnight lilies/African irises, one abelia bush, one frost-free gardenia
-Bought/assembly iron porch swing for our anniversary gift
-Bought a new filter bag for the pool cleaner
-Prepped the yard for winter - trimmed back cannas, tossed ferns/potted plants after an early freeze, and raked tons of leaves

What's left for year two? Paint the master bedroom, paint the upstairs bathroom, paint/touch up some interior doors & other small spots, add to the front flower beds/replace plants that don't survive the winter, get a bookcase for Matt's office, and the big job-get the outside of the house painted someday - fun, fun!