The Next Birthday Challenge - Giving 35

I love a bucket list, so as a personal challenge I'm going to give to the community 35 ways before I turn 35 next September.

Either in $35 increments or time spend directly impacting the community (so I'm not counting internal volunteering with Junior League or work). For the rest of my 34th year, I'm on alert for extra ways to give. Can't wait!

Giving 35, in time or money....
  1. September 18 - $35 to North Texas Giving Day
  2. October 11 - $35 to 5th grade Camp Jolt trip fund
October 16 - Get Out the Vote with Collin County League of Women Voters
October 26 - American Girl Fashion Show
October 28 - Book Fair Night
December 2 - McClure Caroling
Clean-up my neighborhood parks and trails
Donate to my sorority
Donate to my colleges
Donate to school PTO fundraisers