Nine Months in 1925 {Outside House Pictures}

Somehow it's already been nine months since we moved into our new house I will admit our yards are looking awesome (thanks Matt).
We never thought of ourselves as "pool people" but with a shady swimming hole in our backyard it's easy to enjoy a summer outside. In the past 6 months we've expanding our patio furniture collection drastically, and we ended up re-doing every bed around the house. That wasn't the original plan, but with time on our hands it's nice to have that finished. Can't wait to see it get established over the next few seasons.

There is still one big thing to do this year - fix the porch! We need to replace the slats and decorate a little (porch swing maybe?) before it's time to renew our homeowners insurance. For the most part though, the outside of the 1925 house is good to go until next spring. Some pics....
9 Months In:
Compost bin & smoker live behind the garage. // The Confederate Jasmine made it to the top!