May in Review

-Lots of good times swimming and cooking out with friends, Bike the Bricks in McKinney (food trucks!), and Dallas Symphony Orchestra+fireworks at the Farmers Branch Libertyfest for Memorial Day
-Took my sweet school trivia team to the big super quiz - they rocked the 1910s
-A quick campout at Dinosaur Valley State Park - 8 adults, 6 kids, and hiking fun
-Finished planning a four corners road trip for summer vacation: we're headed west to 7 national parks in Colorado+Utah+Arizona+New Mexico
-Matt finished his first year as a full time professor, and started his summer break - full time dissertating and working on the house
-Finished the Junior League year attending leadership retreat at the Westin Stonebriar, celebrating my provisional group's promotion to active status, and volunteering at the Plano Family Literacy Center graduation - a great night!

Around Downtown Challenge
No new spots but repeat trips to Spoons, Churchill's, and Patina Green (gotta have Matt's favorite artisan pickles)

Around the House
-Cleaned the spa, and figured out how to use it properly-woo hoo!
-Added 4 Mexican heathers to fence baskets and asparagus fern to last deck pot
-Bought new pot for a katherine fern
-Re-weeded front and side beds for remaining ivy (4 bags and counting)
-Weeded/cleaned gravel area next to garage, removed twigs, briar/ivy, and weeds and started leveling gravel
-Planted two wax myrtles for privacy screen in side yard by the front metal fence
-Landscaping the last backyard area: added stone path and 23 liriope grasses bordering the bed and deck, a gardenia, white hydrangea, blue potato bush and 3 japanese mockorange bushes to hide pool equipment, 35 bags of mulch, 19 new stones plus some already on the property
-Bought/assembled wrought iron patio table and 4 chairs
-Painted upstairs office walls Crisp Linen White, replaced orange-painted switches/outlets with new white ones
-Cleaned outside windows
-Had the indoors and outdoors professionally treated for insects
-Reorganized kitchen cabinets, pantry, and laundry closet
-Added a new outdoor bench made by my dad, moved old bench to the garage