April in Review

-Lots of Junior League events - I think I had 8 night events in April finishing up my time as a new member advisor, busy but all fun
-A great Easter weekend in Spring (trip 3 for 2014!) for baby Lydia's baptism
-Our first urban chicken coop tour with the Motts-yes, that's a thing, and it was actually really fun
-A few fun nights at our house - brats with the Machens and fajitas and trying out the pool for the first time with the Seilings+Motts
-Plus celebrating Betsy's birthday with our first trip to the McKinney Blue Goose, lots of window shopping for patio furniture, and a busy work month-the countdown to summer is officially on!

Around Downtown Challenge
-Brother's Pizza
-Emporium Pies - best ever!
-Chestnut Square Famers Market

Around the House
-Rearranged bedroom furniture
-Rearranged/hung new living room art
-Started regular yard maintenance and bug-killing for roaches and ants
-Professional pool cleaning and filter grid replacement that should last 10-12 years (and a flooded yard thanks to a pool guy mistake, luckily no was harm done and we got a decent discount in return)
-Bought/assembled 2nd outdoor deck storage box
-Replaced tail of the pool cleaner
-Added a fern and basil to the last deck pots
-Weeded all beds and re-weeded the side yard for new ivy growth-hope that's not a theme this summer!