Three Months in 1925 {Inside House Pictures}

How have we been in our new old house for 3 months already? Here are some photos of what the inside currently looks like, before pics are here. Nothing much has changed upstairs, but the downstairs is pretty much done for now - we just need more art (and more money - ha!) to finish it up.

Living/Dining/Kitchen/Hall: Painted everything white, added stained glass & curtains, replaced light fixtures, and almost all new furniture
Den: Painted orange walls gray, added curtains and a fan
Master Bedroom: Added window shades
Upstairs (Getting rid of that orange is next on the list!)
That's it for now - come see us soon!

Around the House Updates
December 16th-January
-Deep-cleaned everything, thanks Matt!
-Cleaned/organized garage
-Changed all door locks
-Replaced kitchen faucet
-Replaced bathroom switch plates
-Replaced garage door lock
-Bought and hung three stained glass windows at Antique Company Mall for Christmas
-Hung curtains in all rooms (and, of course, every single window is a slightly different size)
-Bought/assembled dining room table and six chairs from World Market
-Bought/assembled sitting room chairs from World Market
-Changed dining room chandelier and sitting room fan
-Rewired the chandelier, added a ceiling medallion, and replaced the socket in master bedroom
-Removed ivy from house siding and cleaned wood/trash/leaves/junk from behind garage, including a heavy porcelain sink and random yard art
-Took a load of scrap metal from yard/garage to metal yard
-Paid a plumber to repair water main leak
-Organized under-stair closet and hung coat rod
-Hung roman shades in master bedroom
-Installed new antique turn doorbell on back door
-Ordered new den couch from Weir's
-Cleared 38 cans of paint for disposal - who knew there were so many shades of beige?
-Painted den walls granite gray and ceiling marshmallow white
-Updated den switches from cream to white
-Added weather stripping to den and living room windows
-Installed fan with light kit in den
-Updated kitchen lighting to LED - thanks Dad!
-Installed shades in master bathroom
-Cleared landscaping from driveway island
-Started painting living/dining Crisp Linen White
-Removed 24 bags of ivy and yard waste from side beds - I'm tired just thinking about it!

-Unpacked Matt’s books and office
-Updated master bathroom lighting to LED
-New leather couch arrived from Weir's and arranged living room
-Repaired backyard gate
-Installed new mailbox
-Painted half of the living/dining areas Crisp Linen White
-Rearranged kitchen cabinets and pantry
-Trimmed side yard trees
-Bought and framed a watercolor of the square from the Garrett Art Gallery
-Ordered antique postcards for hallway art area
-Bought and hung two stained glass windows in kitchen at McKinney Trade Days for Valentine's Day
-Bought new den lamp and bedroom lamps
-Removed short fence blocking air conditioners and cleared brush, arranged rocks to help with drainage
-Cleared 18 bags of yard waste from garage side yard, back fence, and front yard
-Had the front yard cottonwood tree and stump professionally removed - a two-day, expensive, and traffic-blocking process :(
-Bought a cute chiminea for the backyard

-Bought/assembled new ottoman-style coffee table for living room and added decorative accessories (new lamp, pillows, and blankets)
-Bought a contractor hose, leaf blower, and shop vac
-Finished painting the living/dining area, kitchen, and hallway Crisp Linen White
-Painted over stenciling on the stairs and master bathroom with Marshmallow White - no more fleur de lis
-Added two new outdoor rugs for sliding glass doors
-Added holly privacy screen by garage fence
-Added iron arched trellis (thanks Shandy!) and climbing confederate jasmine to side yard
-Landscaped area behind pool with stone walkway and blue liriope (monkey grass)
-Landscaped mid yard area with rosemary, Mexican lavender, yellow broom bush, Mexican hat grass, and liriope grass border
-Landscaped deck pots with Boston ferns, hostas, chocolate mint, spearmint, lavender, and begonias
-Landscaped north fence area with blue liriope and lantana
-Removed wooden short fence and posts around air conditioner units, cleared area and added river stones (moved from behind pool) and pots of Boston fern, Katherine fern, and blue potato bush
-Ice maker repair
-Had custom mats cut and hung new vintage postcard art
-Bought/assembled deck storage box for pool/grill equipment
-Bought/installed new fan for master bedroom
-Bought new gray master bedding set-thanks mom!
-Moved dozens of found rocks/landscaping stones behind garage (for future projects or donation)
-Bought/framed new wood print art pieces from Frisco Arts Festival
-Added 81 new plants to the yard (mind you most were monkey grass) and Matt planted 78 of them!