Welcome to 1925

It's been a busy few weeks here at the new old place, but besides our unusual move-in story and a plumbing repair things are going just fine. 
We love the house so far! It was built in 1925 and has been renovated several times throughout the years. At one point it was taken from one story to two stories and the fireplace was removed. Most recently the previous owners updated the plumbing/electrical/HVAC/water heater and renovated the kitchen, master bath, floors, and added driveway and pool. They took care of all of this within the last five years. Lucky us!

The Before Photos (Minus the 10,000 leaves professionally removed, you couldn't actually see the yard or driveway on the day we moved in.)
See that water pooling in the curb? We were oblivious when these pictures were taken, but the city water truck drove by and enlightened us that we had a leak from the house to the city water line. Just a few inches over and it would have been the city's repair to fix. Oh well, at least it wasn't under the driveway.
Combined kitchen/living/dining space, half bath, front bedroom (den), master bedroom and closet
Two bedrooms, one bathroom and a fun "short room" finished attic space over the porch
Thankfully there really isn't too much to do with this house other than painting and landscaping (and figuring out how to care for the pool properly). We will need to re-plank the porch and take down the giant cottonwood in the front this year, and at some point paint the outside and replace the roof down the road. That's all we have planned for now, we'll see what else the house throws our way!