A + M = 8

*The Great 8*
Our anniversary is here again! To celebrate 8 years of A+M we spent a fun day in Fort Worth over the weekend. Local beers and music and the Martin House Brewery, window shopping and Christmas pageantry at Sundance Square, art at the Kimbell, bbq at Tim Love's snazzy Woodshed Smokehouse, and our favorite ice cream at Beth Marie's on the Denton square made for a fun day.
We also bought our biggest gift ever:
We were fortunate to spend the evening of our actual anniversary signing the offer on our next house. We had made an offer on an amazing house in downtown McKinney earlier this month and didn't get it, only to receive notice a few weeks later that the first offer fell through and the house was ours for the taking after all. We have been dealing with multiple offers and limited inventory in the area where we want to move (and were just days away from signing an apartment lease) so it really was the perfect gift. We can't wait to move into our new old house (she's 88!) in mid-December if all goes according to plan. P.S. It has a pool.