October in Photos

40/52 :: Perot Museum
41/52 :: Book Browsing
42/52 :: Fetch
43/52 :: House Hunting

October Adventures:
- My sister's sweet baby shower, a mini-reunion weekend with cousins and a fun trip to the Perot Museum with my parents and Grandma Evelyn (after our family Bush Library visit was canceled due to government shutdown)
- A daytrip to Sherman to see Matt's new office and enjoy the teeny-tiny Grayson County Fair
- Polo with my parents on a beautiful fall day
- A great day hiking in Pilot Point with Duncan Dog
- And, in other news - we sold our house! In a surprising turn of events, we listed our house for sale and it sold at the very first showing, quite a crazy change from when we tried to sell two years ago. We also spent a day house hunting in Sherman-Denison to help us narrow down where we want to live next and it looks like we're still shooting for downtown McKinney. This will make Matt's commute a little shorter and easier, plus I can still stay working in fabulous Frisco ISD. All we need to a place to live! Hopefully something will pop up for sale sometime soon, regardless we won't be living here after December 13th.

And a 2013 goal update too:
  • Duncan is up to 50 walks. I'm still pushing for 100 by 2014, so far the weather has been perfect to get there.
  • Big bike rides are at zero, we've only made it around the neighborhood trails so far, strike that one from the goal list this time around.
  • September/October was a great month for online learning though. I finished two more Coursera classes this month, Health for All Through Primary Health Care and The Dynamic Earth. I'm so glad I gave Coursera another try. The first two online MOOCS I tried just weren't right for me, liking the professor is more important than ever when you're "making yourself" take an online class for free. I've found hard-to-understand accents and busy work make it too easy to quit in this situation.
  • Dr. Perry from Johns Hopkins was so well-spoken and knowledgeable that Health for All flew by. I couldn't wait to watch the lectures every week. It was shocking to learn that 1 billion people on our planet never see a health care worker of any type their entire life, but inspiring to see how organizations around the world are working toward improving basic health. It really makes you grateful for the troubles the American healthcare system deals with, and even more compassionate for people living in poverty and dying from easily preventable diseases.
  • The Dynamic Earth was a quick and easy geology class geared toward science teachers put on by the American Museum of Natural History. Again, professors with great lecturing skills made this class fun and engaging. I'm definitely a nature-lover so learning about rocks and common geology misconceptions was interesting to me - zircons and banded iron formations anyone? I'm looking forward to seeing some new geology features on our trip to Guadalupe Peak next month, we'll see if I remember anything!
  • And, since I didn't do so hot on my first two online classes this year I added one more for good measure, Conditions of War and Peace from the University of Tokyo. I'm half way through and getting awesome good quiz grades so far, guess all this time listening to Matt give history talks is paying off!
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