August in Photos

31/52 :: Summer Fun
32/52 :: League Retreat
33/52 :: Cabin-hunting

{A cute fixer-upper cabin in north McKinney Matt wouldn't let me buy. Maybe next time...}

34/52 :: Early Birthday

35/52 :: Back to School

{Answers include: book fair, camp, reading, and dismissal}

August Adventures:
- Big news: Matt is an associate professor! A full time teaching job opened up at one of Matt's schools and after two big interviews he was hired on as a full time faculty member. He is one of just 4 full-timers in the Grayson College history department, and now has all the perks that come with it (including January and summers off, lighter work hours, free golf on campus, and free insurance) - I am so proud of him, and also jealous of his great schedule.
- The big Provisional Retreat with Junior League. I helped plan the all day event for 150 new members, including my own group "Amanda's Adventurers" that I'll be advising this year.
- Lots of fun cookouts, BBQs, happy hours, and hangouts with family and friends during the last few weeks of summer break.
- A fun early birthday celebration with my parents, great seafood at Nate's, angel food cake, and dominos. They also bought my passport for a birthday gift, can't wait to start using it soon.
- Back to work! Starting the school year up again is always all-consuming, it's year 10 for me this time around, and Matt's first time working at only one school - yippee!
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