July in Photos

27/52 :: Summer Lunch Truck
28/52: Alamo!
29/32: Feeding Fish @ Texas Freshwater Fishery
30/52 :: Summer = Reading

July Adventures:
- More summer lunch volunteering for me with Junior League/Seven Loaves
- Two back-to-back history classes for Matt at Grayson College - that's 4 straight hours of lecturing every morning
- Two quick Texas road trips, New Braunfels/San Antonio for my cousin Adam's fun wedding and Lake Athens with the Sielings+Motts
- Celebrating my grandfather's 80th birthday with a delicious meal, and a group of 20, at Lawry's Prime Rib - yum! Happy Birthday Papa!
- Plus HBO Go!, gym time, and relaxing before summer ends, though I only have one weekday without something planning between now and my first day back

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