June in Photos

23/52 :: Polo

24/52 :: Summer Goodies

25/52 :: Downtown Denver

26/52 :: Exiting Mammoth Cave
June Adventures:
- Lots of car time - we drove to Denver, then drove to Kentucky the very next weekend
- I finished up my 3rd year at my current school, and 9th year in education - I can't believe I'm starting my 10th year next fall!
- Matt's been teaching a summer course at UNT and working on dissertation research
- I've been watching lots of TV, we're all caught up on Downton Abbey, Arrested Development, and Workaholics (I've also been volunteering with Seven Loaves Food Pantry through Junior League serving lunch to students in need, so it's not all books and TV this break)
- My sister let the cat out of the bag publicly - she's having a baby!! We're getting our first niece or nephew on my side of the family in early December, yay M+J!

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