May in Photos

18/52 :: Fried Everything
19/52 :: Cinco
20/52 :: Times Square
21/52 :: Classics

22/52 :: McKinney Bike the Bricks
May Adventures:
- Canton Trade Days (and Dairy Palace!) for mother's day with my parents
- New York fun with Maggie
- Aubrey Memorial Day Celebration and Gainesville Lavender Festival
- A busy weekend at a great training sponsored by Junior League on moving meetings forward
- Watching McKinney's fun bike race with college friends
- Completing our 100 days of real food challenge, woo hoo! Giving up processed food was really not that bad, I'm planning to continue only buying groceries that meet the rules, but adding in a little more flexibility when eating out so we can keep it up for the long run.
- I also finished two online classes as part of my 2013 goals, Internet History and The Challenges of Global Poverty (started back in February). Coursera is cool, but the courses were both just OK - mostly because it was tough to stay motivated to do work in a class "just for fun" without a real goal in mind. For people looking to branch out to a new field or grow in your career I think MOOCs are a great way to start learning something new.
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