February in Photos

5/52 :: Blooms

6/52 :: Sweet School Valentines

7/52 :: Wheels

8/52 :: Crafty

February Adventures:
- The 100 Days of Real Food Challenge is underway and I'm happy to report it's really not that challenging (yet)
- Junior League bingo, special Valentine's activities at work, McKinney's cute Krewe of Barkus dog parade, and a UNT friend's special wedding (especially when the officiant never showed up!) - congrats Kat+Bryan
- Matt presented a paper at the TSHA Conference in Fort Worth: “A Man Who Would Claim to Be a Radical Would Have But Little Chance in the County”: Judge Hardin Hart of Hunt County, 1850–1875 - yay history!
- And we got a new (to us) car - we'd been wanting a new road trip vehicle, so when Matt's Accord needed transmission work the time was right to upgrade. It's an old 4runner we can pack miles on and sleep in the back of the next time we're in bear county.
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