Fall Reading Favorites

It's time to call my 2012 Reading Challenge o-v-e-r. I'm at 129 books for the year and I'm sure I'll read a few more before 2013 arrives. I read genres I don't usually prefer (more mysteries specifically) and enjoyed several titles this year I probably wouldn't have found otherwise. Reading 40 young adult books was easy, reading 12 books by British authors was the most challenging - probably because I didn't decide what to read in advance. The best part of challenging myself was making the switch to e-books as my first choice for reading format. I had 24 e-books as my original goal, but upped it to 75 as the year went on. I finally see what all the Kindle converts are raving about.

While I enjoyed pushing myself this year, I'm taking a break from books next year and planning to only read things that really catch my eye. We'll see how many books that turns out to be (probably still a lot unless I make Netflix my new hobby!)

A few books I've especially enjoyed this fall...