Galveston Girls Weekend

I met up with my friends Megan and Cherie in Galveston earlier this month for our 3rd girls getaway weekend. We really had a ton of fun, who knows where we'll end up next?

  • The Spa at the Hotel Galvez (really the main reason we went to Galveston)
  • Drinks and great views at The Tremont Rooftop bar
  • Lots of good food: Oysters at The Black Pearl, breakfast at Miller's (yum!), a great brunch at the hotel
  • Fun midnight roller coaster rides at the Pleasure Pier, Megan definitely peer-pressured us into this one, it wasn't nearly as scary at night though
  • Fabulous football watching at The Spot with ocean views + 3 overtimes and a Tech victory
  • A quick Sunday lunch with Maggie on the way home and Megan's first stop at Bucee's