Favorite Glacier Vacation Hikes

Our Glacier trip was definitely a hiking vacation. We kept track of our miles and topped out at 32 on trails, though we definitely walked more just getting from place to place. We even hiked in snow for the first time on this trip - especially fun considering it was the first day of July!

Hikes we enjoyed best:

The Notch Trail in Badlands National Park (1.5 miles) : a fun walk to a great windy lookout spot, complete with a steep ladder and narrow cliffs

Sunday Gulch Trail at Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park (4.5 miles) : a steep walk down a waterfall drainage area, along a river, past hard-core rock climbers, and up a hill to a pretty lookout - and probably our hardest hike (mostly because it in the low 90s and incredibly humid)

Jenny Lake Trail to Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park (6 miles) : the quintessential perfect hike (waterfalls, fields of ferns, wildflowers, tall trees - I though a fairy princess or gnome would appear at any moment)

Red Rocks Falls Trail in Glacier National Park (2 miles) : an easy, flat hike past two small lakes to a cute waterfall area (we saw two bears on this trail - exciting!)

Ptarmigan Falls/Iceberg Lake Trail in Glacier National Park (7 miles) : a nice walk through an alpine valley - we hiked with a park ranger group and were treated to ranger talks along the way, we aren't usually fans of crowds but it was actually the perfect way to hike, and no need to worry about bears :)

Hidden Lake Overlook at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park (3 miles) : our first hike on a snowfield, there wasn't much to see on this trail until a few miles in, but it was a fun change and the views at the end, of a frozen glacial valley, were spectacular