July 30, 2012

July {Weekly Photos}

27 | Denver 14er on the 4th

28 | Homemade Desk

29 | Austin

30 | Wedding Guests

July fun...
- Celebrating the 4th of July in Denver and wrapping up our Montana vacation
- Back to teaching for Matt (two night classes in Fort Worth for Summer II) and studying for comps
- A solo daytrip to Austin for library association meetings (and a little time for SoCo shopping and reading on the patio at Mozart's)
- Matt & my dad made a desk!
- Cutting my hair for Locks of Love, 3 years in the making
- Ringing in the Olympics with fish & chips and M+J {Maggie, why no blogs?}
- Family fun at my cousin Carrie's cute wedding
- Enjoying summer break: reading, cleaning out closets, shopping, catching up on random movies, Downton Abbey, Battlestar Galactica, and three seasons of Damages in a few days (lucky me!)

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July 24, 2012

Chop, Chop!

I finally said goodbye to my ponytail! After 3 years of growing out my hair it was time to chop it off for Locks of Love. My original mindset was one of good riddance (long hair it hot!), but I've got to admit cutting it was harder than I expected, I can only imagine how hard it would be to lose your hair to alopecia or cancer treatment. Adios to 12 inches, I'm not sure my hair will ever be that long again!

July 11, 2012

Glacier Vacation

We are back from a road-trip vacation to Montana and had a fantastic time! Besides lots of time in the car, we went to 13 national park areas, hiked over 30 miles, tried lots of great craft beers, and saw tons of beautiful sites and animals.
Our ultimate destination was Glacier National Park on the Montana/Alberta, Canada border and it did not disappoint. Since we went to Big Bend at the Texas/Mexico border over winter break, I wanted to go to the northern border next (too bad it's 29 hours from our house!). There was plenty to see along the way - we stopped at Yellowstone and Grand Teton again, added classic South Dakota sites and a few Colorado days to the trip too.

We loved this trip and highly recommend Glacier National Park, add it to your to-visit list ASAP. Next time we want to go spend a month there with an RV. The trails are calling...

Trip Highlights:

South Dakota 

[Putting our new parks pass to work.]

[Badlands National Park]

[Devils Tower]

[Jenny Lake]

[Teton Sunset]
[Waiting for Old Faithful - crowded but worth it]

[Geyser Basin]
[Bozeman Cabin View]
[Miles and Miles of Montana]
[Red Rocks Trail]

[Ptarmigan Falls Hike]
[Swiftcurrent Cabin]
[Our Rowboat Adventure]
[Many Glacier Lodge]
[Logan Pass]
  • Fun in Fort Collins with a Fat Tire tasting at the New Belgium Brewery
  • Spending the 4th of July with friends Joe & Cassie by driving the Mount Evans Auto Road
  • Exploring downtown Denver and the tasty and dog-friendly Denver Brewing Co.
[New Belgium Brewery]

More Trip Photos

Wildlife sightings...
Pronghorn antelope
Mule deer
Yellow-bellied marmots
Bull moose
Black bears
Mountain goats
Big horn sheep
Giant grasshoppers
Countless rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and prairie dogs

[Bambi sighting on the Iceberg Lake Trail]

July 9, 2012

Favorite Glacier Vacation Hikes

Our Glacier trip was definitely a hiking vacation. We kept track of our miles and topped out at 32 on trails, though we definitely walked more just getting from place to place. We even hiked in snow for the first time on this trip - especially fun considering it was the first day of July!

Hikes we enjoyed best:

The Notch Trail in Badlands National Park (1.5 miles) : a fun walk to a great windy lookout spot, complete with a steep ladder and narrow cliffs

Sunday Gulch Trail at Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park (4.5 miles) : a steep walk down a waterfall drainage area, along a river, past hard-core rock climbers, and up a hill to a pretty lookout - and probably our hardest hike (mostly because it in the low 90s and incredibly humid)

Jenny Lake Trail to Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park (6 miles) : the quintessential perfect hike (waterfalls, fields of ferns, wildflowers, tall trees - I though a fairy princess or gnome would appear at any moment)

Red Rocks Falls Trail in Glacier National Park (2 miles) : an easy, flat hike past two small lakes to a cute waterfall area (we saw two bears on this trail - exciting!)

Ptarmigan Falls/Iceberg Lake Trail in Glacier National Park (7 miles) : a nice walk through an alpine valley - we hiked with a park ranger group and were treated to ranger talks along the way, we aren't usually fans of crowds but it was actually the perfect way to hike, and no need to worry about bears :)

Hidden Lake Overlook at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park (3 miles) : our first hike on a snowfield, there wasn't much to see on this trail until a few miles in, but it was a fun change and the views at the end, of a frozen glacial valley, were spectacular

July 6, 2012

How I Spent my Summer Vacation...

We're home from our longest road trip yet (to Montana and back) and our little Prius rocked it. Driving in mountains isn't really the hybrid's strong suit, but with 46 mpg and a great stereo system we can't complain. Nice roads, good views, and 75 miles/hour speed limits made it a fairly easy trip, but it was definitely a TON of time in the car together. If only the rockies were closer...