June 30, 2012

June {Weekly Photos}

22 | Nosey

23 | White

24 | Art Appreciation

25 | Camping our way through the West

26 | Beautiful Grand Teton National Park

June happenings...
- Another Photo-a-day Challenge {Days 1-10} {11-20} {21-30}
- Dogs everywhere: lots of dog-sitting for friends and family plus Duncan got his biannual haircut
- Hosting a cute wedding shower for my cousin Carrie with my mom and sister
- Late Night fun at the Dallas Museum of Art
- My Aunt Jenny's sweet wedding
- Celebrating Father's Day in Carrollton with Matt's AMAZING jalapeno poppers and burgers from the grill
- The start of summer break for me - presenting and attending lots of professional development sessions, fun at Lake Lewisville with my work team, excessive TV-watching, and preparations for our big trip north
- Vacation! Details coming soon...

::2012 Weekly Photos::
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June Photo Challenge {21-30}

All done with the June photo challenge, it was a fun month for photos - especially once we left for our mountain vacation. ;)

21. where you slept {Valentine, Nebraska after 13 hours of driving}

22. from a high angle {Mount Rushmore amphitheater}

23. movement {hiking in South Dakota}

24. on your mind {are we there yet?}

25. something cute

26. where your shop

27. bathroom

28. on the shelf

29. soft

30. a friend

June 20, 2012

June Photo Challenge {11-20}

So far so good with the June photo-a-day challenge... 

11. door

12. from a low angle

13. art {closet art corner}

14. time {for a new issue}

15. yellow

16. out and about {Lake Lewisville team building}

17. in your bag {summer professional development stuff}

18. something we don't know about you {I'm left-handed}

19. imperfect {packing}

20. fave photo you've ever taken {tunnel shot from our Vicksburg trip}

June 11, 2012

June Photo Challenge {1-10}

In honor of summer, I'm trying another photo-a-day challenge (via Instagram).
[We upgraded iPhones last month and I am really enjoying how much easier the 4 is with photos (first world pain) - yay technology!]

1. morning {green smoothie + the last day of school!}

2. empty {Saturday teacher workday}

3. on your plate

4. close-up

5. sign

6. hat

7. drink

8. six o'clock {chicken foot family fun}

9. your view today {sweet treats @ my cousin's wedding shower}

10. best bit of your weekend