January 31, 2012

January {Weekly Photos}

I'm using the Instagram app for my photos of the week this year.
Up for January...

2 | Artisan Knot

3 | Horns

And other happenings last month...
- Back to school/work/teaching after a great winter break (and five whole weeks off for Matt, lucky duck!)
- Sushi with New York friends, and good times with local friends too
- Authors and book fun at the ALA exhibit hall for me

- Shopping day and Mexican dinner for Matt's birthday with my family
- Love Shack, Recycled Books, mini-golf, Beth Marie's (love that German Chocolate + Buttered Pecan) and wood burning on Matt's 31st

January 28, 2012


It's been a year since Matt decided not to shave on our visit to Virginia last Christmas. Guess that means the beard is one?!

In the spring I encouraged him to keep it for his whole 30th year as a birthday challenge (not quite sure what I was thinking with that?). Meanwhile, it works great for lower face sun protection, plus "Professor Redbeard" makes an awesome nickname and a memorable look for his students.

I don't think he'll keep it forever, but I definitely want to get some funny pictures when he shaves it off. If not, perhaps the World Beard Championships some day? Happy Beardversary! 

January 15, 2012

2x2 in Review

Earlier this month I attended my final selection committee meeting for the 2x2 Reading List. The committee of five had narrowed it down from 700+ books to our top 50 through monthly reviews. When we met at the TCU Library for two days we discussed and debated our top picks before finalizing the Top 20 for the 2012 2x2 Reading List. I love the list and am actually pretty surprised at what we ended up choosing.
You seem to go into these types of meetings thinking you know what books will be on the list, but after deliberation things go a different way, making the list even better than if you had made it on your own. I have a tendency to love funny picture books and obviously the whole list can't just be about getting a laugh. (P.S. Wiener Wolf is my favorite from the list!)
[The Favorites Shelf]

I'm going to miss having the best new books arrive on my doorstep, but I'm not going to miss unpacking boxes and watching them overtake my house like they have for the past two and a half years. Right now, the committee is in the process of making activities and putting our presentation together for TLA in Houston, where my time served will officially end after the conference in April. All in all, working on the committee was a great experience. It was more work than I expected, but meaningful and fun. Hope you like the list!