We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Celebrating the holidays this year has been a treat. Parties with friends, fun at work with cutesy elementary-school stuff, stockings at home, and a fun trip to Waco with my family has made the season happy and bright. Plus we still have a few fun things to look forward to before the new year begins.

This was our first year spending Christmas in Waco and everything turned our great. Maggie and Jimmy were excellent hosts, the late service at St. Alban's was beautiful, and my mom and dad brought lots of thoughtful gifts (as usual). 

Highlights from the menu included delicious tamales, tortilla soup, and queso on Christmas Eve; fancy cheeses and dijon pork loin for lunch, Cowboy Cookies, Walnut FudgeGooey Pumpkin Bars, and coffee galore - yum!

Duncan even got to travel too and celebrate with Lady Dog.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends as well.
Merry Christmas!