Challenge :: 2012

I'm looking forward to starting something new this year...

I've tried a few different challenges in the past with fun results (11 Things in 2011, 30 Before 30, Project 365) and now that the obscene amount of 2x2 committee reading has come to an end I'm excited to add new reading goals to the to-do list for 2012.

On par for the new year...

British Books Challenge @ The Overflowing Library
Read 12 books by British authors from any genre

E-book Challenge @ Workaday Reads
Read 25 e-books from any genre [DVD Level Challenge]

Mystery & Suspense Challenge @ Book Chick City
Read 24 books from any mystery or suspense sub-genre [Level 2 Challenge]

YA Challenge @ The Eclectic Bookshelf
Read 20 young adult books in any genre [Fun Size Challenge]

YA Historical Fiction Challenge @ YA Bliss
Read 10 historical fiction books written for young adults [Level 2 Challenge]

I'm sure most of the books I read will qualify for more than one challenge, but if I read each title separately the count comes to 81 books. Plus I plan to still read other books for fun and work too. The challenge for me will be to read genres and authors I'm not used to more than anything else.

I'll be posting updates throughout the year and have added a page to this blog to keep track of everything. I'm looking forward to a great year exploring new books. I've already got my to-read lists forming and my library digital wish lists packed full and ready for checkout.  If you want to join in the fun visit the A Novel Challenge blog soon for dozens of reading challenge ideas.

Happy New Year & Happy Reading!