Recipes Worth Repeating

A few new favorite recipes in the Hamilton house...

Chipotle Sour Cream Enchiladas - awesome, easy sauce

Chocolate Meringue Cookies - a not-too-sweet summery cookie

Crunchy Asiago Chicken Strips - panko-perfect

Cubed Cheesy Potatoes - a great new side

Easy Guacamole - fresh and quick

Matt Sliders - mini pan-fried hamburgers served with sauteed onions and provolone on toasted French bread

The Pioneer Woman's Shrimp Pasta - delicious, of course

And National Bundt Day is coming up soon. Pick a new bundt to bake and join in the fun. :)

Fun fall food (pictured): brats, hot German potato salad, pretzel bread, and fresh roasted sugar pecans at the McKinney Octoberfest