Waco Birthday Fun

I swear I'm not that big into birthdays, but somehow I ended up celebrating 31 three times this year - not that I'm complaining!


I spent the weekend before my birthday with my mom and dad in Carrollton and had a great time. A trip to the awesome Penzy's Spices, lunch at Snappy Salads, shopping at Northpark, my first trip to Sprinkles, and a nice dinner at Agave Azul in the Carrollton square with a stop at the Perry Homestead made it a fun-filled day.

Then, over Labor Day we celebrated on my actual birthday with a quick trip to Waco to visit Maggie and Jimmy. We had a great time staying at their cute new house and playing with Lady Dog. On Saturday we hit up Rosa's, visited the Red Caboose Winery & Vinyards in nearby Meridian, and enjoyed great pizza, ice cream cake, and football at home.

On Sunday we visited St. Alban's and were treated to a lecture from the great Jimmy on "Old Chicks without Beards" before heading out to Czech Westfest again, where sausage + polka = fun.


Thanks for having us M+J!

For the final celebration, I met Megan for a birthday patio lunch and pedicures, then ended the day with an impromptu cookout on Shannon and Andy's sweet patio on Monday. What a treat! I'll say it again - I love that my birthday always comes with a three-day weekend. I guess this means we'll need to do Matt's birthday up big this year too - I'm thinking an ice skating party. ;)