September 25, 2011

[Weekly Shots] September

36 | Shaggy

37 | Let's Read

39 | Fall Feast
Dinner with my parents: home-smoked brisket, sausage, heirloom tomatoes and homemade guacamole. Adios summer!

September 12, 2011

Waco Birthday Fun

I swear I'm not that big into birthdays, but somehow I ended up celebrating 31 three times this year - not that I'm complaining!


I spent the weekend before my birthday with my mom and dad in Carrollton and had a great time. A trip to the awesome Penzy's Spices, lunch at Snappy Salads, shopping at Northpark, my first trip to Sprinkles, and a nice dinner at Agave Azul in the Carrollton square with a stop at the Perry Homestead made it a fun-filled day.

Then, over Labor Day we celebrated on my actual birthday with a quick trip to Waco to visit Maggie and Jimmy. We had a great time staying at their cute new house and playing with Lady Dog. On Saturday we hit up Rosa's, visited the Red Caboose Winery & Vinyards in nearby Meridian, and enjoyed great pizza, ice cream cake, and football at home.

On Sunday we visited St. Alban's and were treated to a lecture from the great Jimmy on "Old Chicks without Beards" before heading out to Czech Westfest again, where sausage + polka = fun.


Thanks for having us M+J!

For the final celebration, I met Megan for a birthday patio lunch and pedicures, then ended the day with an impromptu cookout on Shannon and Andy's sweet patio on Monday. What a treat! I'll say it again - I love that my birthday always comes with a three-day weekend. I guess this means we'll need to do Matt's birthday up big this year too - I'm thinking an ice skating party. ;)

September 7, 2011

[11-in-2011] Summer Wrap-Up

As usual, summer was fast and furious. Matt spent it studying and working a few hours a week at UNT. I tried my best to keep busy with lots of 2x2 reading and yoga activities. Duncan didn't even try to be productive, but he did do a good job of sleeping lots and looking cute.

Since we didn't take a big trip we did our best to enjoy lots of daytrips in DFW: the Bishop Arts District, Shakespeare in the Park for As You Like It (ye olde fun), the Dallas Arboretum, downtown McKinney, frequenting our favorite haunts on the Denton square (Greenhouse, Love Shack, Recycled Books), plus polo, cookouts, bike rides, and movie-watching.
So far the fall is off to a fun start too. Junior League is up and running and has been a blast, yoga teacher training is halfway done, and I'm enjoying a smooth start to my second year at the new library. Matt is teaching two classes at UNT, two classes at Tarrant County College, two online classes at Grayson County College plus studying for comps and working at the UNT History Help Center. Yes, he's counting down to the spring semester already. I'm counting down to cooler weather!
 Junior League Provisional Retreat [Left Front Row]

And here's another update on the 11 Things in 2011 list too...
  1. Take a camping trip or two: Big Bend planned for December, and hopefully a weekend trip sometime this fall
  2. Make homemade biscotti Yum
  3. Practice yoga 52 times: 88 as of today and 4 teacher training weekends to go
  4. Read at least one book every month (not counting work-related reading): 30 so far...
  5. Spend a month as a vegetarian January
  6. Listen to live music somewhere Arboretum Concert & Picnic
  7. Celebrate a few food holidays
  8. Spend some time on water Lake Grapevine &Lake Sam Rayburn in June
  9. Do a No Spend Month challenge April
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. And continue to post a photo of the week: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August
Goodbye summer, come soon fall...