I hope everyone's year was filled with joy and that 2011 will be a year of peace for all.

A fun-filled 2010 zipped by for us. What's in store for 2011?
  • Celebrating Matt's 30th birthday
  • Hopefully a few fun little weekend trips - maybe Galveston or Hot Springs, definitely Waco and Austin
  • Matt will be finishing his Ph.D. coursework in May, then studying for a few months to take comprehensive exams and hopefully be ready to work on his dissertation full time by the year's end
  • I'll start my 8th year working in education
  • Duncan turns 5 (I've heard that's when he'll magically become calm and well-behaved!)
Plus, I'm missing my 30-Before-30 List (and obviously work well with written goals) so I'm starting a new challenge list too.  Just for fun, and some much easier than others, I've picked out 11 tasks to try this year.

The 11 Things in 2011 list...
  1. Take a camping trip or two
  2. Make homemade biscotti
  3. Practice yoga 52 times
  4. Read at least one book every month (not counting work-related reading of course)
  5. Spend a month as a vegetarian
  6. Listen to live music somewhere
  7. Celebrate a few food holidays
  8. Spend some time on water (kayaking maybe?)
  9. Do a No Spend Month challenge
  10. Go on a picnic
  11. And continue to post a photo of the week
Here we go! :)