Yay 30!

It's my birthday and I'm happy to report I have a wonderful family, fabulous friends, a great job, a thoughtful husband (and silly dog), and my 30-Before-30 List is complete.  I've had a blessed life so far and can't wait to see what fun the next 30 years will bring.

A few favorite memories from the past 30:
Girl Scout Days

Summer Family Road-Trips
Drill Team in High School
Archaeology Field School in Menard - back when I wanted to be a museum curator.
Driving to Alaska with my dad and working for the National Park Service for the summer in Anchorage.

Meeting Matt (thanks Megan!) and starting our relationship.
Graduating from Texas Tech, followed immediately by library school at TWU.
Tons of fun times with Kirk & Megan and other Tech friends - and can you believe I don't have a single decent picture of the 4 of us!

Lots of happy weddings...
Special times with family...
and many more.