Spring & Summer Wrap-Up

2010 has flown by - I can't believe September is right around the corner.
Highlights from our spring and summer include...
  • A fun winter vacation to Mississippi
  • Celebrating Matt's 29th birthday
  • After lots of TA experience, Matt started teaching college courses. He spent the spring teaching United States History through 1865 to undergraduates while also working as a teaching assistant for another course, spending 10 hours/week at the department's history library and 20 hours/week at the Rare Book Room at the UNT library while taking his own PhD classes too.  Yes - he's busy.
  • I joined the Texas Library Association's 2x2 Reading List Committee - a 2-year appointment to help pick the best books for children from age 2 to grade 2 with 4 other librarians from across the state
  • Library fun for me at the TLA conference in San Antonio in April and TLA assembly in Austin in July
  • Matt was named to the History Department Graduate Committee as the student body representative and was one of two students to receive a tuition waiver for 2010-2011 - yay!
  • Ending my time year as the librarian at Bright Elementary after 4 fabulous years
  • Maggie's graduation from TWU and fun wedding events for her and Jimmy in Austin
  • Visiting with lots of Matt's extended family at a Hamilton Reunion in July
  • A great road-trip mountain vacation to Wyoming and Colorado
  • Playing with Duncan, cookouts with friends, tons of reading, and watching lots of Law & Order and reality TV over summer break 
  • Opening the library at Purefoy Elementary, a beautiful brand-new school with 630 students, a fun job that has monopolized quite a bit of my time lately
  • Working on my 30-Before-30 List and 52 Photowalks project
  • And - finally finding a groomer for Duncan! He does have to be sedated, but he sure looks good. :)

Upcoming fun: Cooler weather, fantasy football and more teaching and studying for Matt, a few camping trips, our 5th anniversary, and holiday travels