30-Before-30: Give to Someone New

I give to several charities regularly, but wanted to donate $100 someplace new for one of my 30 things. Even after searching Charity Navigator, with so many great causes out there I had a hard time picking just one. The right fit ended up being close to home and I gave to a local family going through a lot.

Though I don't know her directly, Katherine Parker often consults at the school where I recently worked. On March 26th of this year, she and her husband welcomed their first baby, Maxwell Allen, 16 weeks early at 1 pound 8 ounces. Baby Maxwell has been in the NICU for 100+ days now and has grown to over 7 pounds. I've been following his progress on their blog and I can't even begin to imagine what they all must be dealing with daily. Keep growing Maxwell!

25 down, 5 to go...