30-Before-30: Expand our Art Collection

Starting on our honeymoon in Santa Fe, we've collected small art pieces as souvenirs of all the places we visit or live.  As one of my 30 things, I wanted to buy one piece of unique art to add to our home and ended up with several new special pieces.

A hand-painted image of the Dallas skyline by Marianne Gargour purchased from the artist at Taste Addison:

A fine art photograph of aspens in the fall from the Illustrated Light Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado:

And, a wonderful gift from my mom and dad - four new book-inspired art prints by Matt Hinrichs of LitKids to display at work:

I can't wait to see the book art in the library, there's only a month until school starts so it won't be too long until it all comes together.

28 down, 2 to go...