30-Before-30: Polo

I think I found my new favorite sport...
Because it's right in our neck of the woods and we'd never been before, I included attend a polo match for one of my 30 things. I wish we'd done it sooner!

Prestonwood Polo plays just 3 minutes from our house and is fast-paced and fun. It's a beautiful game and best enjoyed with a picnic and cooler. We're going again soon - who's in?
20 down, 10 to go...


  1. Ummmm -- me! That DOES look like fun!!!

    P.S. Finally got my camera...will you send me a little cheat sheet of settings (pretty please)? I'm also thinking to take a photography course at SMU Plano Campus this summer...

  2. New facebook pic - this is super cute of you. So posh. - Mag


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