30-Before-30: New Winery Visit [Maggie's Bachelorette Party!]

Because they're fun and usually beautiful, visiting a new winery was an easy addition to my 30 things. With my sister's wedding coming soon, her bachelorette shower at the Driftwood Winery fit the bill last weekend.
Nestled in the hill country, we enjoyed a group tasting, then cheesecake and gifts under a pavilion while a bluegrass band played. Families were enjoying wine with picnics at the Driftwood too - guess we'll have to go back and try that next time!

Other fun from Maggie's weekend:
  • Window shopping at The Domain, dinner at Kona Grill, and Sex at the City 2 at the Alamo Drafthouse
  • Brunch with tea at The Stepping Room, relaxing at Aloft, tapas for dinner at Malaga, smores for dessert!! at Halycon, and other bachelorette fun on 6th Street
  • Spending fun times with Jimmy's sister Cindy and Maggie's fun friends from high school, college, and PT school (thanks for the photos Hayley!)

19 down, 11 to go... (and 6 days until Maggie & Jimmy's special day)