30-Before-30 Life List

With less than 6 months left before my 30th birthday, it's time for a new challenge. I've got until September 3rd to check off the 30 items below; some are things I've never done, others I want to do again.

Kind of cheesy and just for fun, I want to...
  1. Bake a cake from scratch, including homemade frosting
  2. Make great burgers on the charcoal grill
  3. Use yeast to bake bread
  4. Visit a new winery
  5. Make spaghetti and meatballs with homemade marinara sauce
  6. Have a picnic in a park
  7. Make fresh salsa from scratch
  8. Bake a fruit pie with homemade crust
  9. Make chocolate-covered strawberries
  10. Attend a food festival
  11. Make homemade flour tortillas
  12. Make Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon
  13. Shop at a Farmers Market
  14. Make hummus at home
  15. Give up meat for a week
  16. Make a pizza on homemade crust
  17. Bake cinnamon rolls from scratch
  18. Make homemade pimento cheese
  19. Watch a comedian perform
  20. Hit the gym 7 days in a row
  21. Go ice skating
  22. Take pictures in a field of bluebonnets
  23. Buy a pair of Hunter Wellies and a rain jacket
  24. Give $100 to a charity I've never given to before
  25. Go on a hike
  26. Update my diamond necklace from my grammy
  27. Visit the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
  28. Go to a play, opera, or musical
  29. Buy a new piece of unique art
  30. Attend a polo match
Wish me luck!