8 more days...

til my Project 365 comes to a close.

I started taking a daily photo after reading about Project 365 on Photojojo when I was looking for a new hobby over winter break last year. Since the 1st of the year was coming up the time was right to challenge myself with something new. It's been fun and fulfilling to look back and see photos for things I would have otherwise forgotten, and to see my photography skills (and Matt's too) improve. I wasn't perfect by any means, but I had a lot of fun and managed to get a photo almost every day for the whole year - yippee!

A few I like best:


  1. I love looking at your photos, Amanda! You are very talented, and what a great hobby to help you improve...practice makes perfect, and I think you have perfected your skill!

  2. Thanks Jill - it's been a lot of fun. Merry Christmas!


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