Spring Break Fun

One of the best things about working in education is that we'll always have spring break, and this year's break has been one of the best...
  • Heard the amazing Adele at the Granada Theater with Maggie and Rozan
  • Bought my new camera - a Nikon D60!
  • Took a mini-road trip to Sulphur, Oklahoma with Duncan, stayed at the Lazy M Cabins (a place we won't be visiting again), went hiking at Lake Murray State Park, visited downtown Davis and Sulphur, and stopped at numerous "Scenic Turnouts" along I-35
  • Met Angie and Hunter for dinner at the Love Shack in the Fort Worth Stockyards - Matt hasn't had a heart attack from the Double Dirty Love Burger quite yet
  • Went on Truitt's first trip to the Dallas Arboretum with Kirk, Megan, and Maggie, and snagged tons of great pictures (coming soon)