Spring Break in Austin and New Braunfels

Saturday and Sunday with Maggie + Monday and Tuesday with Matt = A fun spring break!

  • Headed south to Austin
  • Started with fun with lunch and music on the patio at Opal Divine's Penn Field
  • Dinner and relaxing at Earl and Evelyn's
  • Church and La Madeline's in San Antonio with the grandparents
  • Shopping and a movie with Maggie to complete a relaxing day
  • Headed back to Austin with Maggie
  • Coffee and reading at Mozart's on Lake Lady Bird-my new favorite place
  • Met Matt for burgers, Maggie went back to DFW
  • Shopped and explored SoCo
  • Dinner at MoonShine and drinks on 6th Street, complete with St. Patrick's Day craziness!
  • Morning coffee at Mozart's
  • Brunch at South Congress Cafe
  • Back for more exploring on South Congress - hunt for Hey, Cupcake!
  • Stopped at the San Marcos Outlets in the middle of a giant rainstorm
  • Explored Gruene, enjoyed drinks on the patio at The Gristmill
  • Dinner and relaxing at E & E's
  • Breakfast, quick walk through beautiful Landa Park, then heading home to DFW