December 22, 2014

For Mike

- Another Fun Year -

November 30, 2014

November in Review

-Helped serve Thanksgiving lunch to tons people at work (with the help of McKinney PD), that was a busy day!
-Celebrated our 9th anniversary - that came quick...
-Enjoyed a relaxing week of for Thanksgiving hanging around the house and attending McKinney's cute Home for the Holidays festival
-A fun trip to Spring for Thanksgiving/Lydia's Birthday

Around Downtown Challenge
-McKinney Sweet Spot for coffee and cupcakes
-Fancy BBQ and sausages from Local Yocal
-Repeat trips to Square Burger and the Louisiana St. Grill

Around the House
-Bought 2 more front porch planters and added plants - two fortnight lilies/African irises, one abelia bush, one frost-free gardenia
-Bought/assembly a iron porch swing for our anniversary gift
-Bought a new filter bag for the pool cleaner
-Prepped the yard for winter - trimmed back cannas, tossed ferns/potted plants after an early freeze, and raked tons of leaves


Thanksgiving in Spring

We hoofed it down to Spring this year for a special Thanksgiving/birthday celebration. One is fun - happy birthday sweet niece!
Corn hole + cupcakes + baked brie + Bucee's, we have so much to be thankful for.

November 22, 2014

A + M = 9

Another year down, and I'm sure it will come to be known as the year of the house. Kuddos to Matt for making my wish to live in a historic home a reality. After living here a year it's clear it just wouldn't be possible without his hard work and handiness. Plus-he even let me make this cute porch swing our anniversary gift.

We celebrated the end of year 9 with a weeknight dinner at Square Burger and awesome cupcakes from the Sweet Spot, then followed up with a daytrip to Sherman with the Machens for catfish at Huck's (worth the trip) and tasty beers at the 903 Brewery
Can't wait to see how we'll celebrate year 10 - I think a big trip is in store!