September 7, 2014

Labor Day Birthday

Another year, another fun holiday weekend. After the busiest first week of school in years, we kept it low key for labor day with local fun and lounging around the house.

And since 34 is in the books, I guess it's already time for a 35-before-35 challenge. For 30-before-30 I did a lot of new things just to enjoy myself. For 35 I have a plan in the works with a generosity spin.

Meanwhile....Hipster Dallas Saturday:
Truck Yard for craft beer & food trucks
Nasher Sculpture Center
Opening day at The Shed @ Dallas Farmer Market
Four Corners Brewery // Trinity Groves
Yay for birthdays!

Nine Months in 1925 {Outside House Pictures}

Somehow it's already been nine months since we moved into our new house I will admit our yards are looking awesome (thanks Matt).
We never thought of ourselves as "pool people" but with a shady swimming hole in our backyard it's easy to enjoy a summer outside. In the past 6 months we've expanding our patio furniture collection drastically, and we ended up re-doing every bed around the house. That wasn't the original plan, but with time on our hands it's nice to have that finished. Can't wait to see it get established over the next few seasons.

There is still one big thing to do this year - fix the porch! We need to replace the slats and decorate a little (porch swing maybe?) before it's time to renew our homeowners insurance. For the most part though, the outside of the 1925 house is good to go until next spring. Some pics....
9 Months In:
Compost bin & smoker live behind the garage. ///// The Confederate Jasmine made it to the top!

August 31, 2014

August in Review

-Set up and celebrated my last little Chisholm cousin's wedding, congratulations Michael + Heather!
-Enjoyed a fun weekend visit with M+J+L
-LOTS of work for Matt and me...Summer school led right into fall at Grayson and my new job started on the 4th with lots of one-time projects and trainings (not that anyone forced me to shift the entire library....glad that's done though!)
-Nice times around the house and neighborhood, brunch with Carrie+Jason, swimming with Kirk+Megan crew, Junior League year kickoff at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, a new book club (Cookoo's Calling), and other fun stuff
-Matt's big draft party-year 9 for his Tech fraternity fantasy football season is underway and our house got to host with brisket+beer
-Celebrated my birthday over Labor Day weekend with Dallas hipster events

Around Downtown Challenge
-No new spots, but lots of repeats: Landon, Chestnut Square, Patina Green, and the Pub are proving to be staples on the rotation

Around the House
-Completed a minor pool skimmer repair - Matt has become quite the master mechanic updating this hard-working little machine one piece at a time
-Did a fairly easy, big impact, update to the master bathroom: primed and painted the walls granite gray (from faux wall treatment green), installed new rust-proof medicine cabinets, installed new light fixture, updated cream light switches to white, added decorative metal switch plate covers on all outlets, and installed new towel ring
-Changed/moved decorative switch plates in hall bath and kitchen
-Added an awesome new palm tree from Shannon+Andy, it will be moving from it's pot to the ground before winter hits
-Kept most of the plants alive through the 100 degree days (I think we've lost 3 of 200+), trimmed growing bushes, killed off the remaining vestiges of ivy and weeds, and started raking leaves (too soon!)


August 8, 2014