March 31, 2016

Q1 2016

2016 is going by quick...

Adventures in Quarter 1, 2016...

-Started goals for the new year aka brunch challenge!
-Celebrated Matt's birthday #35
-A quick trip to Austin for me to choose the new 2x2 books for 2016!
-Plus, fun with friends, Kehinde Wiley at the Fort Worth Modern, football, etc.

-I was named teacher of the year at work! That was a nice surprise, complete with a photoshoot, fancy video, and other fun stuff. We also had a chili cookoff at work and my entry (Matt's chili) came in 2nd "Abola Chili" from the specials team.
-McKinney fun with the Krewe of Barkus dog parade, our neighbor's baby shower and new baby joined the scene, Tupps Brewery with the Blairs, burgers with the Motts, and more brunch....

-Celebrated Megan's new baby boy with a sweet shower at Chocolate Angel
-Fun at work with book character dress up day and a new AP joined our team - one of my friend's from Frisco, love working with her again and excited to bring her to McKinney
-Lots of yard work and a nice family spring break trip to Austin for my cousin's wedding - congrats Cat+Michael!
-Enjoyed Easter with my parents in Carrollton and organized an egg hunt for the Plano Family Literacy School with Junior League (so fun!)
 {Checking our the new local distillery Ironroot Republic-yum!}

House Updates
Added book storage and a comfy chair for the short room attached to Matt's office, now known as my reading room, lots of yard work (can't wait to have the front beds grow in!), and painted the laundry room - can you believe that's all?
Plus Brunch:
1. 5th Street Patio Cafe {jan 10} starting strong at a Frisco favorite-loved the hash
2. La Duni {feb 7} great breakfast chili relleno + migas + spicy bloody marys
3. Smoke {feb 21} brisket eggs benedict! + smokey bloody marys
4. Board & Barley {mar 20} cool new addition to the Denton Square

March 13, 2016

Spring Break 16

In a word: rainy! Our big plans to re-landscape the front yard didn't quite turn out but a week off of work still can't be beat.

For spring break this year we enjoyed a beautiful family wedding in Austin (congrats Cat+Michael!) plus hiking at the Hagerman Wildlife Refuge (first rate!), plant shopping, yard prep, and painting the laundry closet. Matt topped it off with a quick camp-out in the mud at Eisenhower State Park with the Sieling boys and I started planning our summer trip. (Maine!)
Austin fun: jazz at Winflo Osteria, Easy Tiger Bake Shop (coffee shop, craft beer, and pastries - you really can have it all), Scholz Garden for German food, The Belmont, Texas State Cemetery, and general downtown exploring from a great home base at the Hilton Garden Inn

Plus, lots of this....

February 21, 2016

Year of Brunch {2016}

New Year, new goals and 2016 brings Sunday brunch at 12 new/different restaurants...

The Brunch List:
1. 5th Street Patio Cafe Frisco {jan 10} down-home favorite, Matt loved the hash
2. La Duni Allen {feb 7} great breakfast chili relleno + migas + spicy bloody marys
3. Smoke Plano {feb 21} brisket eggs benedict! + smokey bloody marys
4. Board & Barley Denton {mar 20} cool new addition to the Denton Square
5. Rye McKinney {april 17} cozy and delicious, can't beat the pork belly eggs benedict


February 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday to this pretty lady!
We had a blast celebrating you last year in Charleston and Chicago.
Hope 61 is just as fun!

January 28, 2016

~Happy Birthday Matt~

Matt's birthday brought lots of fun and eating this year, 3 fun celebrations for my favorite 35 year-old:
-Great seafood at Pappadeaux with my parents and shopping at Willow Bend (legos!)
-Pimento cheese tater tots + steak Montecarlo at Sugarbacon
-Lunch on the patio (in January!) at the Greenhouse with Matt's mom + Star Wars movie marathon

Happy Days!