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~9 Months of Little Miss~

9 months out! Things have gotten so sweet with baby CC, her happy personality is coming through. She has become so fun to spend time with and loves to be on the go. She is an expert at crawling and standing and will likely be walking before her birthday. We've had a great time spending out first summer together at home.

At nine months old: Likes: Standing up / crawling / moving+playing as much as possible / feeding herself / walks / baths / watching other kids / going to school / head bobbing to music, especially the ABC song / banging toys together Dislikes: Teething / staying up late / sitting still / feversWearing: 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes (mostly t-shirts and leggings) / size 3 diapers since 8 months / sleeping in a wearable blanketEating: Lots of baby food + nursing only first thing in the morning and at bedtime/naptime, she likes practicing with cups and anything she can feed herself, especially pouches, cereal, bananas, and crunchiesSleeping: Usually 12 hours at night wak…

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