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2018: May / June

May Adventures: Celebrated Grandma Evelyn's 90th birthday with a big family getaway in FredericksburgMatt finished year 5 at Grayson College and we hosted his work team for a cookout to kickoff their summer I volunteered at the Chamberlain Youth Ballet with Junior League, finished book club for now, and wrapped up the year on the Done in a Day CommitteeEnjoyed the new Han Solo movie, went to Bike the Bricks with the Motts, and enjoyed cookouts with my Smith cousins and GagesWent together to the 16 week and 20 week OB appointments for baby hams with fun ultrasounds at both visitsMatt got (real) busy on his summer to-do list: cleaned out the garage, replaced the den and office fans, cleaned out the garage, repaired the ice maker and a toilet, had the grout around the pool replaced (planned), replaced our dishwasher (unplanned), and oversaw installation of a new AC unit for upstairs (unplanned) - cha, ching!
June Adventures:
Swimming hangouts with the Sielings, Gages, and hosted a big T…

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